Announcing Our Newest Award – GDUSA Inhouse Design Awards

We are honored to announce that Main & Rose was awarded two 2020 GDUSA Inhouse Design Awards for our latest branding and design projects. From more than 6,000 entries, less than 2% of design projects submitted were selected as winners, including two projects by our incredible creative team.  The competition recognizes and honors the vital work done by creative professionals to advance companies, institutions, brands, products, and causes. 

Other Winners

We’d like to extend our congratulations to the other winning companies, institutions and brands in this year’s competition, which include Bank of America, BlueCross BlueShield, E*Trade, GEICO, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Heritage Foundation, Liberty Mutual, Morgan Stanley, PEPSICO, Prudential, Sprint, Verizon, Walgreens, Warner Media, WebMD, and Yale University. 

We are truly honored to be ranked amongst these brands for our design achievements. 

Crewcial Partners

Our rebrand for Crewcial Partners, formerly Colonial Consulting, was honored in the Branding + Identity Programs category. 

The investment advising company was in need of a brand and design overhaul that showcased their philanthropic interests and strong financial returns, as well as their focus on internal diversity, teamwork and perseverance. “I made sure I brought in the spirit of teamwork,” says Ming Ciao, design director at Main & Rose. “A team really comes to life when it’s given a purpose. A lot of the imagery included a crew on a ship overcoming unsteady waters.” Pairing a nautical color scheme with sleek, bold imagery, Crewcial’s renovated graphics and aesthetic reflected its position as an industry leader that delivers exceptional investment outcomes while building a better world,  using capital to make a difference. “While modernizing the brand, I wanted the color to establish their authority, expertise, and experience,” says Ciao.

It Starts With Us: One Word Change Challenge

The It Starts With Us: One Word Change Challenge was honored in the Internet + Online category. 

Main & Rose had the opportunity to bring the multi-national campaign to life to inspire a new generation of activists. The viral campaign, which appeared on billboards in New York’s Times Square, mobilized celebrities and influencers to inspire millions around the world to write one word and share the photo on social media with hashtags #ISWU and #OWCC. By emphasizing the power one word, one idea and one individual can have, the challenge raised awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals among Gen Z and Millennials and emphasized how much their voices matter in making a difference. 

The grassroots rallying cry leveraged social, digital, and live events across countries and was launched at the UN General Assembly in NYC. It organically grew to 150 million social impressions, with celebrities and influencers taking part. The campaign spurred a conversation among young people and change makers on how to unite and take measurable steps to remedy the climate crisis and other urgent global causes, such as eradicating poverty and achieving gender equality. It had a total earned media value of $1.9 million and a return on investment of 280%.

About Main & Rose

Main & Rose is a female-founded international branding firm that has elevated and redefined the brands for Fortune 500 companies, governments, executives and non-profits. Our innovative approach to storytelling forges brand identities that are innovative, enduring, and unforgettable. We don’t just build brands — we build legacies.




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