Celebrating Another Win – The Hermes Creative Awards

We are excited to announce that Main & Rose has won, not one, but two Hermes Creative Awards, which recognizes outstanding creative work that merges imagination with impact.

It Starts With Us: One Word Change Challenge

 The It Starts With Us: One Word Change Challenge received platinum, the highest honors, for the social media and social influencer category.

Main & Rose was tasked with designing a multi-national campaign to mobilize a new force of activists. Tied directly into the United Nations SDGs, our goal was for youth, specifically Gen Z, to take measurable steps to achieve this unprecedented action plan for global change. In response, we created the ItStartsWithUs (ISWU) Campaign: an evergreen, youth-oriented social activism challenge that quickly became the global youth hub for action towards the UN Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The viral campaign, which appeared on billboards in New York City’s Times Square, mobilized celebrities and influencers and millions around the world to write one word on one finger and share the photo on social media with the hashtags #ISWU and #OWCC.

“Targeting Gen Z is something most marketers do. But asking Gen Z to take an action in a campaign is a whole different story.”

-M&R Digital Director Courtney Cannon-Booth

By connecting Gen Zers and their peers with hyper-targeted celebrities and influencers, the program has organically grown to 150MM social impressions, putting us well on our way to empowering 50MM change makers for the cause, with a total earned media value of $1.9 million and a return on investment of 280%.

“Targeting Gen Z is something most marketers do,” Digital Director Courtney Cannon-Booth reflects. “But asking Gen Z to take an action in a campaign is a whole different story; we had to find the sweet spot between low barrier to entry for the participants and high ROI / viral opportunity for the client.” By emphasizing the power one word, one idea, and one individual can have, the challenge raised awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals among Gen Z, inspiring them to work for global change.

Crewcial Partners

Our rebrand for Crewcial Partners, formerly Colonial Consulting, was awarded a gold in print media, design, and branded graphics suite.

The investment advising company was in search of a branding overhaul that showcased their philanthropic interests and strong financial returns in conjunction with their focus on internal diversity, teamwork and perseverance. Pairing a nautical color scheme with sleek, bold imagery, Crewcial’s renovated graphics and aesthetic reflected its position as an industry leader that delivers exceptional investment outcomes while building a better world, and using capital to make a difference. Our team worked closely with the client, leading several workshops with company stakeholders to curate strong brand pillars and company values, and ensuring that those strengths come across in their branding and marketing materials.

About Main & Rose

Main & Rose is a female-founded international branding firm that has elevated and redefined the brands for Fortune 500 companies, governments, executives and non-profits. Our innovative approach to storytelling forges brand identities that are innovative, enduring, and unforgettable. We don’t just build brands — we build legacies.




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