Launch Landing Page Messaging, Design & Development 

Website Messaging, Design & Development

Video Concepting & Production


FutureOf co-creates tech-forward solutions with the world’s most ambitious companies. Prior to launch, the founders came to Main & Rose to create a concise, sleek website that would serve as a digital hub for current and future partnerships. Beginning with a landing page and evolving to a full site, we highlighted FutureOf’s work through an interactive design that evoked its visionary innovation and pursuit of a more resilient future. The website is crowned by a Main & Rose-produced video that showcases FutureOf’s micro-to-macro approach to sustainability and generates new partnerships. 

Explore their website here.

FutureOf lacked a digital presence. We concepted and designed a website to showcase the team’s mission to co-create a better planet.

Partnership is at FutureOf’s core. Their network earned a prominent space on their website to establish their expertise and drive new relationships.




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