Our Top Secret to Building Happy, Productive and Award-Winning Teams

Companies with strong cultures see a 4x increase in revenue growth, and 88% of employees believe that a strong workplace culture is important to business success. The problem? Most companies have a culture crisis, where productivity stagnates, morale plummets, and top team members depart while the hiring process struggles to bring in new talent.

Culture is critical. At Main & Rose, it’s the foundation of what we do and how we create award-winning strategic branding throughout the world. And while most of the world is struggling to hire, our culture attracts the most driven and talented team members — who also happen to be genuinely good people.

As a completely remote agency with team members throughout the country, we have designed our culture to bloom over Slack, Google Meets and Zoom, and, a few times a year, at team retreats. To do this culture becomes imperative to helping us all feel connected, inspired and motivated when we’re working from home and it’s culture that reminds us all, every day, of the bigger purpose we’re working towards.

We’re thrilled to welcome so many recent additions to our team — and ensure that we can best support them starts with one of our top secrets to a powerful culture: a personality test.

Personality Assessments: Discovering Our Best — and Shadow — Selves

All of our full-time team members complete a personality assessment when they join Main & Rose. While various tests have their champions (the Enneagram Personality Test is another favorite among team members), we use the PRINT Survey.* It focuses on uncovering your unconscious motivators — there are 72 combinations — which drive what we do, what we say and what we think.

The survey’s results showcase what it means to be our best selves — ie, when we’re at our happiest, our most productive and feel that we’re fulfilling our potential. We can’t expect our team to do great work, indulge their curiosity and challenge their creativity at Main & Rose if we’re not nurturing their wellbeing and connecting with their personal sense of purpose. 

Our personality assessment also uncovers our shadow selves, and describes what triggers unlock this behavior. Shadow selves vary from person to person — some people can withdraw, others become aggressive or impatient, or they stop responding to feedback. These behaviors can have a ripple effect at work, not only damaging our own success but leading to higher turnover, damaged morale and an erosion of trust within the office. Shadow behavior isn’t a worst-case scenario; it’s incredibly common — 96% of us have experienced it.

At Main & Rose, we’re focused on progress, not perfection. We know there are going to be bad days, and even bad weeks, and shadow behavior isn’t something that can be eradicated. Instead it’s something to be conscientious of — by understanding each team member’s unconscious triggers and what type of behavior they exhibit under stress, we’re better equipped to support them. And when team members learn about their own triggers, they can recognize when they aren’t exhibiting their best behavior and have greater agency asking for what they need.

We can ensure that each team member’s role is tailored to their strengths, that we’re aware of each other’s triggers in the way we communicate, and that we know how to make everyone feel excited and fulfilled. This fosters a positive and understanding work environment for everyone. 

We are passionate about every project we take on, but we’re equally committed to making Main & Rose a workplace that our team members look forward to coming to every day. When we’re all aware of what triggers us and what inspires us, we can collaborate effectively and enthusiastically with each other and produce the work that has established Main & Rose as an award-winning global creative agency. 

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*If you provide PRINT Assessments for your team, mention Main & Rose while placing your order to receive a special offer.

A great culture starts from the top. As we develop new partnerships with brands committed to making a positive impact on the world, we’re recognizing the team members who have consistently led projects, boosted morale and helped Main & Rose — and all of us — grow. 

Leslie Billingsley, our former Head of Client Services, has received a well-deserved promotion to Head of Accounts. Her leadership has been pivotal in expanding our team over the years, and she brings a staggering breadth of experience, humor and elegance to Main & Rose. Leslie is an exemplary model of how to provide a ten-star experience to clients (and plan unforgettable team retreats.) 

Maya Bacon steps into her new position as Head of Strategy. Maya is our resident strategy wizard, crafting go-to-market strategies or building brand foundations from scratch. Luxury hospitality, international tourism, equitable access firms, blockchain technology — there is no industry Maya can’t tackle. Now, she will be expanding and overseeing our strategy division, ensuring our clients build enduring legacies that can weather trends and consistently exceed their goals.

Courtney Bensinger, our former Director of Operations and one of our first team members, has been promoted to Head of Operations. Over the years, Courtney has been an imperative asset, both internally and to our wide range of clients, and she has worn a significant number of hats to help Main & Rose become the agency it is. We’re delighted that she’s now able to don just one hat — which happens to fit her best — as she guides Main & Rose’s culture and brings her light to everyone’s day.

Welcome to the New Faces of Main & Rose 

We’re delighted to welcome some new faces to Main & Rose. While their skillsets are diverse and their roles distinct, all of our new hires embody our collaborative, driven and team-oriented spirit.

  • Chelsea Strutz – Account Director
  • Zaina Budayr – Chief of Staff
  • Abbie HeffernanAccount Coordinator
  • Samantha Lucas – People Operations Manager
  • Savannah McGraw – Social Media Producer




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