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Sortium is a web3 technology company that brings together Al and blockchain for immersive virtual games and experiences. Sortium first came to Main & Rose for a brand foundation that instilled trust, innovation, and leadership – it needed to distinguish them in an emerging space. Sortium’s tech is complex, but its mission is simple: building cutting-edge tech that makes web3 accessible to more creators and innovators.
To capture this, we developed engaging language and a vibrant visual identity deployable across all touchpoints, from investor pitch decks to web to social channels. We helped translate their more technical offerings to excite and engage their audiences, and instituted a communications strategy surrounding the upcoming launch of their flagship web3 game. We continue to act as stewards of Sortium’s brand and advise the executive team as they expand their partnerships and products.

Explore their website here.

Drawn to the impossible, Sortium needed a visual identity that spoke to its peerlessness and expertise, without losing its sense of imagination.

We designed Sortium’s visual identity
to be bold, innovative, and eye-catching, whether it appeared on marketing materials, pitch decks, or digital placements.




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