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With less than three seconds to capture someone’s attention as they land on your website, you better make a memorable first impression. That’s why we comb over every detail of user experience for our clients, ensuring alignment with your target market while developing (or maintaining) a responsive and gorgeous website.

From show-stopping imagery to dynamic media, we offer website design and development to excite, engage, inform, and impress your audience so that you’re constantly gaining valuable traffic and building revenue. With SEO implementation and a keen awareness of best practices, we’ve seen over 2,000 ranking improvements on Google for a single client within the first 30 days of launching their new website. We’ll work with your brand to do the same.

Our Web Design & Development Services

When we first sit down to discuss the direction of your website and overall goals, we’ll take an in-depth look at your site through a comprehensive audit. Here is where we’ll identify crucial issues with the website architecture, user experience design, SEO pain points, and overall usability. We also test your website to ensure optimal load performance through and through — giving you everything you need to dominate the digital ecosystem.

Whether you need logo and brand identity work or visual content that increases engagement, we can help. We offer award-winning web and graphic design services that elevate your website and synchronize your branding.

Are you looking to build an entirely new website from scratch? Do you need a website redesign? We provide wireframe and sitemap design that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the direction of your web build — allowing us to accurately capture your vision and create the perfect website for your brand.

We put an immense focus on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design when building or designing websites for clients like you. We bring a human-first approach to your website during every phase of development. You need a website that embraces a wide range of functional applications, design features, usability processes, information architecture, call-to-action craftsmanship, and more. From the overall structure to creative elements like colors, typography, buttons, and beyond — we do more than embellish your website; we bring it to life.

You need a website that performs as well as it looks. We offer a fresh approach to web development, building and maintaining your website to perform for both the user and your brand. We integrate user experience design, creative spunk, SEO implementations, conversion marketing, and adaptive practices to ensure that your website is geared towards your target market and is ready to drive sales. Whether you need a complete web build or simple maintenance, we can optimize your website to perform in the most competitive online markets.

Not every content management system (CMS) is created equal. We’ll help you select the best CMS for your brand, identifying which platform offers features that you need now — and may need once your business has grown. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and objectives so that we can select a CMS that scales with you while maintaining performance integrity.

For more advanced projects, our team has developed a platform that can service your needs across not only the web — but also iOS and Android devices. Utilizing modern JavaScript frameworks such as React Native we can rapidly iterate on your project and deliver milestone progress quickly thanks to our Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment process.  We have built applications that flawlessly scale to millions of users utilizing cloud computing such as Amazon Web Services.  

What good is a professionally developed and expertly designed website if your customers can’t find it? You need a website design and development team that builds your website with SEO strategy and execution in mind. We use our proven toolbox of best practices and design psychology to ensure that your website is optimized and relevant to perform at its very best on the world’s most popular search engines. Instead of waiting for your site to fall short, we take a proactive approach by building your website with SEO tactics in place so that it can hit the search engines with momentum right after launch.

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The Gold Standard

When it comes to your website, we don’t cut corners. We provide clients with award-winning digital experiences and design for their websites, creating memorable and meaningful interactions that grow brands. Our team is comprised of highly experienced designers and developers who tell stories through their work. 

We help a diverse range of industries — from innovative nonprofits to industry-leading enterprises — with our entire suite of web design and development services. Here at Main & Rose, we’ll help you define your space with a captivating website that converts. 

We are a female-led team of seasoned marketing execs and branding experts with experience in some of the most influential agency collectives, media companies, and brands.

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