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From rebranding legacy brands to bringing startups to life, our branding services and philosophy are built on the basis of human psychology — what do your customers want? What do they need? Why will they buy from you? Our design and branding work wins awards year after year – and for good reason. We take pride in the research, market analysis, and in-depth discovery process we perform with every client, ensuring success for our brands for years to come.

Our Branding Services

Research & Analysis

Your brand is more than just a product or service. We provide brand market research and analysis to help realize the true potential of your brand’s personality, values, and goals. While you may have a clear understanding of your brand’s position in the marketplace — it’s all about the consumer. We help bring your conception to your target market through impactful branding services formed from meaningful metrics and quality customer research.

Brand Architecture

We work with brands to consolidate their portfolio, organizing the structure of their brand, sub-brands, products, and services into one well-oiled machine. We help define clarity within the organization of your brand and its offerings to provide a clearer picture for your consumer — influencing buying behavior to boost your bottom line.


Rebrands are complex and involve many risks; however, they can realign your company’s values, vision, and grow your market share while driving new business  if done correctly. Our experienced team of strategists, creatives, designers, and marketing experts work as an extension of your brand to revive your market impact. Whether it’s a total rebrand or a partial rebrand, we can help reestablish your audience, redefine your company’s vision, and even rebuild your entire brand identity from the logo to the name while always meeting your KPI’s.

Messaging & Copywriting

We can give your brand the vehicle it needs to reach consumers through thought-provoking messaging and influential copywriting. Main & Rose offers insightful, strategic, and intentional messaging and copywriting services tailored to your brand. From website content and blogs to press releases, whitepapers, speeches, keynotes, op-eds and more — our wordsmiths can bring your message and values to life through influential copywriting.

Brand Identity Design

Your brand is unique, which means it should have an identity that reflects the company’s individuality. We help brands find ways to reach and influence the right customers at the right time. We help elevate your business to recognizable heights while also crafting meaningful identities that your consumers can connect with for better customer loyalty and perception through individualized branding and a suite of creative services.

Logo Design

Our award-winning designers build logos that inspire. We work with you to understand your brand’s unique value, vision, and place within the market to create a logo that is truly a reflection of your company. Main & Rose helps to distinguish your brand from the noisy marketplace, providing you with a logo that expresses the true nature of your company and harmonizes your story with your products and services.

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Why Choose Main & Rose? 

We are, first and foremost, storytellers. We house a team of seasoned marketing executives, designers, creatives, and strategists who know how to make a lasting impact through our wide range of branding services. We’ve spent years cultivating a reputation of success and excellence, winning multiple awards for our efforts. 

The importance of branding can never be overstated. Over the years, we have helped define brands — moving the needle forward for companies looking to leave their mark on the world. From groundbreaking non-profits to industry-leading companies, Main & Rose creates influential movements through compelling branding agency work. 

We are a female-led boutique collective that provides trusted services every step of the way.

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